Welcome to Sphynx cattery "Sector "Cats4people"!

Our Cattery is situated in Moscow and was established in 2006.

In the cattery united 2 breeder: Nadezhda Bochkareva and Natalia Zelenkova. Cattery is a closed type: in order to avoid different viral infectious diseases our cats are being mated only within the cattery. We give comprehensive support and help to our clients. You can always get recommendations on the breeding and nurturing of your kitty.

Our cattery is a registered member of the "Association of clubs of fans of cats", Moscow. Also our cattery is a registered member of WCF, registration number 7150-2014.

We can offer to you elite Sphynx kittens of rare and traditional colors, show and breed quality. Our kitties leave the cattery not earlier than at the age of 4 months. By this age they are good socialized and ready for life in a new family. All our kitties go through scheduled vaccination and dehelmintization. We prefer to sell the kittens as home pets and to let only the best of them for breeding.

For purchasing of the kitten it is necessary to conclude a contract. If you have any comments, additions or questions on separate clauses of the contract, please inform us.

If you have chosen a kitten, but it is younger than this age, you can reserve it by making a prepayment. To do this, you must pay 50% of the cost. You can pay through Western Union or via PayPal or make a transfer to a bank account. I prefer Western Unionor or a transfer to a bank account, but you can choose yourself. If after the reservation you have changed your mind about taking the kitten, the bargain money is not being returned. We carry out deliveries of our kitties to different countries.

Good luck!

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